Mike’s presentation style has been described as high energy, upbeat, engaging, genuine, and fast paced.

Thanks to Mike’s role as an active business owner in the staffing industry he’s able to benefit audiences on multiple levels. Each week his teams are putting over 300 people to work at over 100 businesses. Through this work he and his team are able to stay ahead of the curve on recruiting and retention strategies to help benefit their clients while improving their own engagement.

With Mike’s recent book, Rise: My Journey through Grief to Growth, Mike has also been a keynote speaker sharing the ways he found growth through the most difficult challenge of his life thus far.

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Choosing Growth through Difficult Times

We all have a choice to make, especially during the most difficult and stressful of times. 

For Mike Kreiling the crucible was the sudden and unexpected loss of one of his best friends, mentors, and heroes – his dad.  Through this Mike found healing through minding the GAP (Growth, Appreciation, and Presence.  These three simple concepts can help brighten our lives even through the darkest of times. 

Whether we’re facing something truly terrible or merely a stressful moment there is a simple process to help light our right path, we need only “Mind the GAP.” 

Recruiting and Retention Strategies

Increasing Wage Isn’t the Only Tool for Hiring Talent: How to win the war for talent without breaking the bank

In this fast placed and interactive session we will utilize the experiences Mike’s teams have had recently through their work with over 300 businesses. Drawing from both successes and failures he’ll share solutions including how to:

* Increase Job Appeal

* Reduce “ghosting” and unaccepted offers

* Leverage a teammate’s first day into more candidates

When your teams place 50+ people into new positions at 100+ different businesses each week you have a unique opportunity to see results of many different hiring processes. Wages do play a role in the success of your talent attraction strategy, but they are not the only lever. Let our past successes and failures lead you in the right direction to recruit your best team today.

Retention Strategies to Win the Recruiting War: The unexpected benefits of putting our biggest focus on our most important asset – our teammates

We’re all feeling the pressure of the workforce shortage and The Great Resignation.  The bad news is that this isn’t going away anytime soon… even if there is a recession.

There are two sides of the equation to help solve the workforce shortage as it pertains to our teams – recruiting and retaining.  Last year we made retention of our key teammates our single highest priority.  Rather than talk theory Mike Kreiling and Mike Dieter will walk through what we’ve done within our Express teams to put our biggest focus on our single most important resource – our teammates

Key highlights will include:

  • Successes
  • What didn’t work as planned
  • Practical strategies to implement TODAY
  • Long term strategies to build a culture of retention

The cost of each of these solutions ranges from $0 to $3,000 per teammate so we’re sure we can help you find answers to help at any budget.