Hello, I am Mike Kreiling and I’m so happy to meet you!

Through facing a difficult challenge, the loss of one of my best friends – my dad, I learned that it is possible to learn and grow through the most difficult times. In moments of stress and challenge we always have a choice to make. What choice will you make?

My personal “why” is to help brighten the lives of others while I work to “Mind the GAP” between who I am and who I should be (GAP – Growth, Appreciation, Presence). I’d love to connect and see how we may both live brighter lives.

Book cover

Rise: My Journey through Grief to Growth

In the space between grief and joy lies gratitude.

So it’s said to everything there is a season, a time to live and a time to die. In this part memoir and part guide for his children, author Mike Kreiling recounts his experience of losing his beloved dad, his struggles between ego and humility, and how he ultimately used gratitude to move through the profound pain of loss toward personal growth. In this moving tribute to his dad, Pete, Mike rises above his pain to become the dad he was raised to be.

One must rise to move beyond sorrow.

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